Corporate Compliance Policy

Policy Overview

We will make every effort to ensure our agency is conducting business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • We are committed to fair and respectful working conditions. We are committed to treating all with dignity and respect. We are committed to follow our code of ethics.
  • We are committed to safeguarding equal opportunities for all. We are committed to performing all duties in accordance with our clients’ desired outcomes.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for the people Employment Links serves.

Procedure - Quality Measures

  1.  We will make a plan for when and how to obtain input and feedback from the people we serve and then legal representatives and county case managers that will be relevant to our program goals. For example, we may ask a small number of these people to meet with us and discuss our goals and/or we can request this information through our client survey.
  2. We will identify performance standards for our program functions and goals that are measurable and observable.
  3. We will select the highest priority performance standards to be measured during the current evaluation period.
  4. We will identify what data we need to collect to measure our progress on meeting the performance standards, including existing data we do collect, existing data we can obtain from another source, and data we can begin to collect.

Annual Satisfaction Survey

The survey results will be used to assess client satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Responsiveness of staff to ideas and concerns expressed
  • Courteous and respectful treatment
  • Communication of information
  • Appearance and maintenance of facilities
  • Overall satisfaction with program services
  • Other questions which might be of interest to the individual receiving services
Evaluation Methods

We will review and analyze all data we collect to determine if we are meeting our performance standards. Raw data collected will be reviewed, graphed, analyzed, and summarized by a designated staff person. The original raw data will be maintained and preserved by the agency’s main office.

Quality Improvement Plan

A plan for improving service quality in areas where performance standards are not met will be developed, based on the results of the survey. The plan will include details outlining how the plan will be implemented, by whom, and the projected timeline of implementation.

Quality Assurance Report

An annual quality assurance report on the evaluation results and the quality improvement plan will be prepared and distributed by the designated staff to the program supervisor and made available to people receiving our services, and legal representatives, upon request.

Ongoing Customer Service

Employees and management of Employment Links will be available to respond to customer needs, inquiries, and concerns at any time. Staff will actively listen to, respond to, or make recommendations regarding, the requests or opinions of clients, family members, case managers, or other agency personnel in a professional and polite manner. Staff will respond to all client complaints or a complaint from the client’s legally authorized representative according to the process designated in Employment Links’ “Grievance Policy”.

Corporate Oversight

The written designation of an Individual who is the primary point of contact for matters related to corporate compliance:

Crystal Schubitzke