The Employment Links Mission

Bridging the Gap

The Employment Links mission is to bridge the gap between employers and employees by assisting each person in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to gain and maintain community-based employment.

Placement Rate

94 Percent of Our Clients Find Gainful Employment

Our Philosophy

Employment Links is an advocate for community integration in all areas of life. We strongly believe that, with proper guidance and support, many individuals can successfully attain community based employment and social integration. It is our mission to provide this guidance and support to every person we serve.

Time to Placement

63 Percent of Our Clients Are Placed Within 3 Months

Our Goals

Employment Links believes in providing the greatest possible experience for each individual. In order to guide our efforts towards this end, we have developed a set of core goals that we strive towards with each individual we serve. These goals are as follows:

  • To create a positive experience¬†for all parties involved
  • To assist individuals with their employment & community goals
  • To design an individually tailored program that allows each person to achieve the greatest possible level of independence in community based employment
  • To access, develop, support and maintain the skills that are needed to begin and/or continue functioning in the community

Length of Employment

62 Percent of Clients Placed Keep Their Positions for More Than 1 Year