A Message from Our President

Employment Links provides exceptional services for community-based employment. Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, our mission is to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers.


Employment Links is an advocate for community integration in all areas of life, and provides support and guidance to adults with barriers to community employment and integration.
We strive to create a positive work experience for all parties involved, and will assist individuals in designing a program that allows them to achieve the greatest level of success.

Michelle Schubitzke
President, Board of Directors

How We Measure Up

Placement & Longevity Statistics

Placement Longevity (Paid Position)
1+ Years 63%
6-12 Months 5%
1-6 Months 31%
Time to Placement
3 Months or Less 67%
6 Months or Less 27%
1 Year or Less 3%
1 Year or More 2%
Paid to Volunteer Placement Ratio
Paid 68%
Volunteer 32%

Employment Links is an advocate for community integration in all areas of life. We strongly believe that, with proper guidance and support, many individuals can successfully attain community based employment and social integration. It is our mission to provide this guidance and support to every person we serve.

Between our competent staff, excellent administrative team, and talented Job Development program coordination, Employment Links excels in all fields related to placement and maintenance of gainful employment.

When certain skill need additional attention before an individual is ready to enter the paid workforce, our Job Development team works closely with them to find and initiate a course of action to grow their opportunities and increase their hire-ability.

Our Staff is Our Greatest Resource

Retention & Recruiting Information

Staff Longevity (Percentage)
Staff Referrals
Recruited 56%
Referred 44%
Would Reccomend 82%
Employee Satisfaction

The Employment Links mission is to bridge the gap between employers and employees by assisting each person in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to gain and maintain community-based employment.

A crucial link in providing these services is a competent, knowledgeable, and well-equipped staff body. Employment Links staff reported in the internal 2018 Satisfaction Survey that they were 94.8% satisfied with their positions, and it shows — 44% of our staff has joined our team through a referral from another member.

Employment Links is always growing and seeking better opportunities and services for our staff as well as the individuals we serve.